The Vetas-50 (formally known as CY50-B) from TaoTao USA, features a reliable 49cc GY6 engine. This scooter has enough power to propel you up to speeds of 35mph. It features turn signals, horn, front and rear brake, speedometer, odometer and headlight/tail light. The Vetas-50 is one of the most popular models since it inherits the looks and style of an Italian scooter without the sticker price. The Vetas-50 is sure to meet anyone’s styling preference. The Vetas-50 scooter includes a lockable storage trunk to keep any valuable belongings safe, as well as lockable under seat storage.

Usually when someone refers to something as being “economical” the image of a bare bones, dull, an cheap product come to mind. That’s the kind of word you apply to something that you would purchase out of necessity rather than pleasure. Well not anymore. When you purchase the brand new TAO TAO Vetas-50scooter, you will be getting something that is definitely economical, but most definitely not dull.

The TAO TAO Vetas-50 Retro style gas scooter (CY50-B) is a stylish product well worth the inexpensive price tag. Not only will you be riding this comfortable moped at your leisure, but you’ll be saving money and causing jealousy in your neighborhood. The look and feel of this compact two wheeler will bring you back to the days when Vespa seemed like an inexpensive alternative to the megalomaniacal practices of corporate car manufacturers. Now that time has passed and we need a new scooter with the classic feel of those revolutionary days. Well here it is. 

Not only will you save money on the purchase, but you will also save at the gas pump. This moped scooter pumps out around 80 to 100 miles per gallon.Compare that to 25 mpg for the average small to mid-sized car. Now you can still get to your destinations, but you’ll have a lot more cash on hand to spend on yourself, rather than your commute.

You can buy the TaoTao CY50-B here at Birdy’s Scooters and ATV’s.