Searching for Quads for Sale

Shopping for a new ATV can be thrilling, but at the same time overwhelming. For most individuals, an off-road unit is a big investment, not taken lightly. By making sure you slow down and take time to consider your purchase you can make sure to get the best deal possible, not just a cheap ATV. Remember, not all dealers are created equal and pricing can vary greatly. Especially for dealers that have several fees added on to the final purchase. Before spending your hard-earned money, we have five things to consider to stay on track and make sure you are happy with your final purchase.

  • First of all, do your research. By spending time researching the type of unit you’d like to buy, the features you desire and the dealers near you that carry that type of four-wheeler or ATV, you become an informed buyer. Make sure to define a budget that you are comfortable with for your purchase as well. No one likes to overspend.
  • When on a dealer visit or having a conversation with a dealer over the phone or email, ask questions. There are no right or wrong questions. Ask everything you’d like to know about the unit. You may even want to write down a list of your questions and have them handy. By asking questions, you can better understand the unit you are interested in and any costs associated with the purchase, accessories or service down the road.
  • Be aware of deceptive selling practices and hidden fees that provide no true value. Voice any concerns. Don’t be afraid to get second options or explore another dealer. Use your best judgement.
  • Consider how you will handle the storage, service and up-keep of the unit to keep it in good working condition. It’s good to have a proactive plan in place before buying. By the nature of off-road vehicles, they take a beating and have normal wear and tear over their lifetime.
  • Upon delivery of your new ATV unit, inspect it and note and discuss any issues or missing parts at that time receipt with your dealer.

By following our five tips and taking your time, you will be well on your way to the best deal possible on your new ATV.

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