My First ATV

For outdoor recreation enthusiasts, it may seem natural to think about when your little one will be ready for his or her first ATV. For outdoor recreation beginners, thinking about a four-wheeler purchase for family use may leave you with lots of questions and a few concerns. Here are several things to consider, when researching and considering an ATV for family or child use:

  • An ATV is not necessarily safer than a dirt bike, riders must practice safe riding regardless of type of off-road vehicle.
  • Buying an ATV with an engine too big for your skill level or experience can be hazardous. For maximum enjoyment, buying an ATV based on age and experience is best.
  • Note that many ATV manufacturers make a Kids ATV model.
  • Consider how you plan to use your ATV, for example – trail riding, racing, farming, hunting, etc.
  • If buying used, make sure you know the history of the unit and have it inspected prior to riding.
  • Research the safety accessories and equipment you’ll need for safe riding – Chest protectors, boots, helmets, goggles, and gloves.
  • Safety first, go over off-road vehicle safety with each family member that will be using the off-road vehicle.

ATV riding can offer a lifetime of enjoyment and be a great outdoor recreation activity for families, but it’s important to be responsible and stay within your limits. It’s tempting to go with the biggest and baddest four-wheeler available, but if you can’t handle the power, it is wasted money and you or someone you love might get seriously hurt. Especially when considering an ATV purchase for children’s use, start slow and graduate to a larger engine as they become more skilled at operating and overcome riding challenges along the way.

Stay safe, ride on and enjoy outdoor living, friends.